The new technology behind the TrapMaster, provides the user with flexibility and new joy in clay pigeon shooting.
With a TrapMaster, it is only the imagination that sets the limit of the direction, speed and angle the pigeons are shot at.


SkeetMaster is designed for the shooter, which seeks a longer training session with bigger challenges than our TrapMaster offers.
The automatic clay thrower has two cannons and countless settings, so it can be adjusted to your exact needs.
SkeetMaster weighs 37 kg, and can be placed in the back of your car or in the trunk.


For both our products, TrapMaster & SkeetMaster, we use our patented Bio-Clays.
They are easy to transport, they rarely break and they leave less “trash” in nature.
They are biodegradable and are expected to dissolve in nature after 6 years.

(We are testing a new promising material, that is expected to reduce the biodegradation time even further.)

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