Experience a new form of
clay pigeon shooting

Experience a new form of
clay pigeon shooting

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The new technology behind the TrapMaster, provides the user with flexibility and new joy in clay pigeon shooting.
With a TrapMaster, it is only the imagination that sets the limit of the direction, speed and angle the clay pigeons are shot at.


For both our products, TrapMaster & SkeetMaster, we use our Bio-Clays.
They are easy to transport, they rarely break and they leave less “trash” in nature.
They are eco-friendly and made of a biodegradable material, which means they are expected to biodegrade in nature after 6 years.

Clay magazine

Our clay magazine is TrapMaster’s best friend and can hold up to 50 clays.
It’s a breeze to go out and shoot clays, with the clay magazine for the TrapMaster over your shoulder.
By using the clay magazine you can move around freely and challenge your friends with difficult shots.


SkeetMaster is designed for the shooter, which seeks a longer training session with bigger challenges than our TrapMaster offers.
The automatic clay thrower has two launchers and countless settings, so it can be adjusted to your exact needs.
SkeetMaster weighs 37 kg, and can be placed in the back of your car or in the trunk.

About Nordic Clays

We are a father-son duo based in Copenhagen, consisting of Andreas (son) & Friis (father), based in Copenhagen. In 2021, after challenging years with COVID, we started Nordic Clays, realizing our dream of creating something together.

We aim to support unwinding and enjoying life through clay pigeon shooting, made easier and more accessible with the TrapMaster. We encourage people of all ages to get out in nature, connect with others, and have a great time shooting.

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