Clay pigeon shooting: The handheld clay pigeon thrower

Clay pigeon shooting has been a revered pastime for generations. Originating from the desire to hone bird hunting skills. This sport has evolved into a standalone event with its own nuances, strategies, and equipment. While the art of skeet and trap shooting has largely remained unchanged, technological advancements have redefined the tools and devices used. Enter the world of handheld clay pigeon throwers, a revolutionary step that has made the sport more personal and portable. Let´s take a look at the handheld clay pigeon thrower.

The TrapMaster: A handheld clay pigeon thrower from Nordic Clays

When you think about portable clay pigeon throwers, the TrapMaster by Nordic Clays takes center stage. This handheld, machine-powered marvel has transformed how shooters practice. Making it a breeze to set up your own shooting range, whether it’s in your backyard, on your fields or some remote location.

Weighing in at a mere 2 kg (4.4 lbs), the TrapMaster ensures that you can always have your shooting practice companion by your side. The lightweight feature also makes it convenient to carry as hand luggage, allowing avid shooters to maintain their practice regimen even while traveling.

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The handheld clay pigeon thrower
Nordic clays’ TrapMaster

Features that redefine clay pigeon shooting

Flexibility and ease of use: Gone are the days when you needed bulky equipment or multiple hands to operate a clay pigeon thrower. The TrapMaster is user-friendly, designed for individual use, offering shooters unprecedented control over their training sessions.

Nine firing fpeeds: Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or someone just starting, the TrapMaster has got you covered. Its nine distinct firing speeds cater to all proficiency levels, from novices seeking to master the basics to experts looking to perfect their craft.

True-to-nature flight patterns: The TrapMaster isn’t just about throwing clay pigeons; it’s about simulating real-life bird flight patterns. This makes the training more realistic and challenging, ensuring you’re adequately prepared for actual hunting expeditions.

Eco-friendly clay pigeons: With environmental concerns taking center stage globally, Nordic Clays ensures that its clay pigeons are biodegradable. This means that once you’re done with your shooting session, nature takes its course, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up or leaving a footprint.

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Word of caution

For those eager to jump on the TrapMaster bandwagon, note that this device is designed exclusively for Nordic Clays’ own clay pigeons. Using traditional clay targets will not yield the desired results. 

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The rise of handheld clay pigeon throwers in modern shooting sports

The emergence of handheld clay pigeon throwers, particularly the TrapMaster, has notably impacted the world of shooting sports. This change is not just in terms of technology but also in the way enthusiasts approach their training and the sport in general.

Personalized training regimes: With the availability of portable devices like the TrapMaster, shooters can now design their training sessions tailored to their specific needs. This could mean focusing on certain angles, speeds, or even replicating specific challenging scenarios, allowing for a more focused and efficient practice.

Democratizing the sport: Historically, clay pigeon shooting required significant investment in infrastructure, often making it a pastime of the elite. However, with handheld throwers, the sport has become more accessible to a wider audience. Now, enthusiasts don’t need to rely on specialized clubs or ranges. The backyard can be your new shooting ground!

Enhancing community engagement: Handheld throwers are not only an individual’s tool. They have played a pivotal role in community building. Friends and families can now engage in friendly competitions, learn together, share tips and tricks, all thanks to the portability and ease of use of devices like the TrapMaster.

Pioneering environmental responsibility: As discussed, the TrapMaster uses biodegradable clay pigeons, which sets a precedent in the industry. The focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility might pave the way for other manufacturers and stakeholders to follow suit. Leading to a greener and more eco-conscious shooting community.

Final thoughts

The TrapMaster handheld clay pigeon thrower from Nordic Clays embodies the future of skeet and trap shooting. It offers a blend of portability, versatility, and environmental responsibility, making it a must-have for shooting enthusiasts. Whether you’re training for a competitive event or just seeking some recreational shooting fun. The TrapMaster promises to deliver an unmatched experience.

If you find yourself with any queries or need further information about this groundbreaking device, Nordic Clays is always ready to assist.

Embrace the future of clay pigeon shooting with the TrapMaster!

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