52.50  (incl. VAT)

52.50  (incl. VAT)

1 box contains 196 clay pigeons.

What is the difference between “Bio-Clays” and “Bio-Clays+”?
The Bio-Clays can resist temperatures up to 30 degrees celcius/86 degrees fahrenheit.

No. of boxes Discount Price per box
1-11 0% 52.50  (incl. VAT)
12-20 4% 50.40  (incl. VAT)
21-39 7.5% 48.56  (incl. VAT)
40-50 10% 47.25  (incl. VAT)
51-60 12.5% 45.94  (incl. VAT)
No. of boxes Discount Price per box
1-11 0% 52.50  (incl. VAT)
12-20 4% 50.40  (incl. VAT)
21-39 7.5% 48.56  (incl. VAT)
40-50 10% 47.25  (incl. VAT)
51-60 12.5% 45.94  (incl. VAT)

The clay targets are perfect for the shooter, who would like to practice his shooting technique anywhere anytime.

By only weighing 25 g (0.88 oz) per clay pigeon, the pigeons are light and flexible to transport, when you want to practice your shooting technique. Compared to the traditional clay pigeons, the environmentally-friendly pigeons provide a very lifelike and challenging escape. The pigeons are easy to see on their flight in the sky and splinter clearly when hit.

The clay pigeons do not only differ by their significant lower weight, but they are also made of a biodegradable material, which means they live up to the increasing demands for sustainability and environmental considerations. Basically this means that you don’t have to pick up the pieces from the clay pigeons, which over time will dissolve in nature. It is expected that the clays will dissolve in nature after 6 years. (Dependent on environmental conditions such as moisture, temperature and microbial activity, you can read more here.)

With our clay pigeons, you have the possibility to practice your shooting techniques in nature, without worrying about the consequences the pigeons have for nature. In addition the pigeons can challenge your shooting techniques in a different way, than the traditional pigeons, since their design and low weight makes them more lively.

To launch our Bio-Clays you can use our TrapMaster, which is our handheld and flexible clay thrower.
You can read more about the TrapMaster here.


Black, Dark Orange, Orange

Why Bio-Clays?

  • The clay pigeons flight path is true to nature and authentic.
  • No cleanup after a training session.
  • They are eco-friendly, since they contain less than 0.2 mg PAH pr. kg. (Read more under the tab “Documentation”)
  • They are made of a biodegradable material and are expected to dissolve in nature after 6 years.
    • Most traditional clay pigeons do not biodegrade, you can read more here.
  • The clay pigeons only weigh 22% of the traditional pigeons and takes up less “space” in nature.
    • During transport of our Bio-Clays, CO2 emissions are up to 4,5 times lower compared to the traditional clay pigeons of 110g.
    • We can ship up to 75% more clay targets on a regular EU-pallet, compared to the traditional 110 g clay pigeon. (14400 versus 8250 clay pigeons.)


  • Dimensions of our Bio-Clays
    • Diameter: 11 cm
    • Thickness: 0.6 cm
    • Weight: 25 gram (0.88 oz)
  • Content of the package: 196 clays (4 stacks of 49)
  • Dimensions of the package: 25 x 25 x 34 cm
    • Weight: 5.5 kg (12.12 pounds)


What material is our Bio-Clays made of?
Our Bio-Clays are made of a biodegradable granulate based on reclaimed potato, grain, root and seed flour based resources. (Also referred to as starch) In addition, 2% dye is added to the granulate to get the desired color.

Why is our Bio-Clays eco-friendly?
Below you can see our newest test report of our Bio-Clays / Bio-Clays 1.0, where we have tested the PAH-content of our clays, to make sure they live up to the governments strict environmental regulations. PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) is a group of hydrocarbons, which poses a possible health and pollution problem that can have a negative impact on soil, wildlife, groundwater and surface water.

Click here to see our PAH test report.

We have ensured our Bio-Clays contain less than 0.2 mg PAH pr. kg. Which means they fulfill the current environmental requirements, and they are future-proof against new requirements.

To compare with the current regulations in Denmark, as an example we looked at “Skydebane Vest” in Hedehusene which requirement is: “Content of PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in the used clay pigeons can not exceed 10 mg/kg.”

You can find their environmental approval, together with the rest of Denmark’s shooting ranges by clicking here.


    • Since the material is biodegradable it is crucial that our Bio-Clays are stored below 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit and at a dry location.
    • Do not store them in direct sunlight at higher temperatures than 20 degrees Celsius/68 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Do NOT leave the Bio-Clays in a vehicle etc. on a warm day (+20 degrees celcius/68 degrees Fahrenheit), a vehicle (dependent on color etc.) can within 1-2 hours become twice as hot as the temperature outside.
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